A relationship does not die when a person dies.


Learn more about new approaches to death, dying, and bereavement, as well as Narrative Therapy by following the links below.

The Fabula Center


The Fabula Center, located in Redlands, California, is a training and consulting center. Counselors come from around the globe to learn about narrative and remembering practices to create innovative and soothing conversations to help those who are dying and those who are living with grief. Also at the Fabula Center, many services are offered for individuals and families who have been impacted by grief.

The Taos Institute


The Taos Institute is a community of scholars and practitioners concerned with the social processes essential for the construction of reason, knowledge, and human value. We are committed to exploring, developing and disseminating ideas and practices that promote creative, appreciative and collaborative processes in families, communities and organizations around the world. We achieve our educational ends through conferences, workshops, publications, a PhD program, a distance learning program, newsletters, and web-based offerings.

The Dulwich Centre


The Dulwich Centre is an independent centre in Adelaide, Australia involved in narrative therapy, community work, training, publishing and co-hosting international conferences. Through their website you can learn about their publications which include many books and journals including, Michael White's prolific work and The International Journal of Narrative Therapy and Community Work.

You will also find information relating to their networking project, "Narrative Connections: An international network of narrative practitioners" and international training opportunities in Narrative Therapy.



Microtaining is a leading provider of DVDs and books focused on multicultural and competency-based counselor and therapist education. Microtraining has been known for providing cutting edge counseling and therapy training videos and publications since 1974. As a division of Alexander Street, Microtraining will continue to break more ground on international, wellness, neuroscience and prevention training with, as always, an emphasis on multicultural and social justice causes. And now, Microtraining's entire collection of counseling and therapy videos are available online in Counseling and Therapy in Video, Volumes I and II.

The Conflict Resolution Information Source


The primary mission of the narrative mediation website is educational. Through incorporating web accessible materials based upon conferences, papers, workshops, lectures, as well as including specific instructional materials designed for the narrative mediation website, it is possible to share the fruits of scholarly and practical inquiry with non-profit and governmental organizations, health professionals, business organizations, and educational and religious institutions. The specific hope of this venture is to provide cutting edge conceptions and effective practices for developing new models of conflict analysis and resolution.

Baywood Publishing Company, Inc.


Since 1964, Baywood Publishing Company, Inc., has been committed to publishing scholarly and professional journals and books in the social sciences and humanities. They are dedicated to serving the academic and professional communities by providing the content they require in the format-print or electronic-that best meets their needs. Areas of interest include health policy, community health, gerontology, death and bereavement, computers in education, technical communication, and imagery.

Kenwood Center Workshops


Kenwood Center was established in 2000 to provide comprehensive individual, couple and family therapy for children, adolescents and adults. Over the past eleven years, Kenwood Therapy Center has grown to house fourteen full and part-time licensed therapists offering a range of specialties. The staff works from a Narrative Therapy base to develop insight into the stories of the client's life. The team members also draw from their varied experience and research on the best ideas of current theories and practices in the field.

Kenwood Center Workshops offer a wide selection of ongoing training and speciality workshops related to narrative practices. You can also find narrative books for purchase at their website.

Evanston Family Therapy Center


Evanston Family Therapy Center, provide both consultation for counseling and workshops for those interested in exploring the practice of narrative therapy for individuals, families, institutions, and communities. The website offers information narrative therapy as well as updates on training and workshop possibilities.

Narrative Practices Adelaide


Narrative Practices Adelaide has a strong desire to continue with Michael White's aims and intentions in a way that would fit with the sentiment of what he had proposed. We see ourselves as a small, vibrant centre that collaborates with other centres and that acknowledges the rich and varied history of Michael's work.

Terapia Narrativa Coyoacán


Terapia Narrativa Coyoacán es un espacio de colaboración formado por un grupo de terapeutas que compartimos el interés por la postura narrativa y en donde buscamos enriquecer nuestro trabajo profesional y de vida.

(Coyoacán Narrative Therapy is a collaborative space formed by a group of therapists who share an interest in narrative approach and where we aim to enrich our professional work and life.) They offer training, supervision and for Spanish speaking people interested in Narrative practices and community work in Mexico.

David Epston


David Epston's website where you can find information about his work, training and speaking schedule, community work, and many wonderful publications.

Narrative Therapy Centre of Toronto


Narrative Therapy Centre of Toronto (NTC) is a narrative therapy training project for practitioners who are interested in putting narrative ideas into practice. Its approach to counseling and community work is informed by the narrative metaphor and story analogy and is sensitive to issues of social justice. They offer training, counseling, and invaluable community resources.

Yaletown Family Therapy


Yaletown Family Therapy offers the highest level of Brief Therapy services in Canada. Our best source of referral has always been client-to-client 'word of mouth'. YFT receives regular referrals from the Vancouver School Board, major Corporations, Law Firms and Unions, EAP organizations, BC film industry, family doctors, adult psychiatry, eating disorder units, obesity clinics, youth programs, rehab etc. YFT has also specialized in offering therapy for health care professionals.

Narrative Couples Center


Narrative Couples Center provides strength-based psychotherapy services in Los Angeles for individuals, families and couples seeking: safety and trust, supportive, collaborative conversations, new ways of listening & being heard, resourceful tools and skills, and freedom from the problem story.

Located in the heart of Larchmont Village, our services include individual, family, and couples counseling, LGBT counseling, group therapy, and narrative therapy training and workshops for students and therapists. Sliding scale services are also available from our highly skilled interns.

Cooperative Atlantique des Ressources Humaines


The values , meaning, the relations of solidarity, culture, sense of belonging: these are the most valuable intangible assets of successful organizations.

Stay in touch with these energy sources helps leaders and teams to overcome all obstacles and live the change seamlessly.

Explore the stories and traditions that underpin the identity of the organization, bring out the skills to live and grow together, building strategies that respect what is precious, strengthen and expand what works rather than focusing on the problems...

That is, rather than methods of solving problems or diagnoses of experts, which allows employees to become authors of their work.

New Zealand Association of Counsellors


Narrative Therapy Centre of Toronto (NTC) is a narrative therapy training project for practitioners who are interested in putting narrative ideas into practice. Its approach to counseling and community work is informed by the narrative metaphor and story analogy and is sensitive to issues of social justice. They offer training, counseling, and invaluable community resources.



Bridges is a domestic violence counselling, research and training institute. Bridges offers men and their families services to address issues of violence in their relationships. The Institute primarily focuses on using a narrative therapy approach to counselling conversations. Bridges offers individual, group, couple and family conversations.