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Narrative & Pizza Series

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An ongoing seminar on narrative therapy and community work

The aim of the seminar series is to provide a forum for the ongoing engagement with narrative practice in a focused but informal and convivial atmosphere.

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Approximately once monthly during the academic year, Lorraine Hedtke and John Winslade host a get together on the California State University San Bernardino campus for an informal gathering to discuss, share, and present on a topic related to narrative therapy and practice. The aim of the series is to provide a forum for both the novice just discovering narrative ideas, and for those who desire to enhance years of knowledge about narrative approaches. Each seminar is designed around a specific practice focus. We often include ideas about the thinking and philosophy behind the chosen monthly topic and ideas for counseling and community change practices.

While there is no charge for the seminars, there is a small contribution to cover the cost of the pizza.


Examples of last year's topics

  • A response to trauma. What do we do if we are not using critical indecent debriefing?
  • Supporting Transgendered Students in Schools
  • Narrative Mediation
  • Therapeutic Documents: Using letters to overcome the time limits of therapeutic conversations.