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Lorraine is an excellent speaker, giving entertaining and insightful presentations to a variety of audiences, whether personal or professional. She is available for speaking engagements throughout the year.

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    December 5, 2020 "When Trouble Enters Relationships Between the Living and the Dead"

    Lorraine will be speaking virtually at Vancouver School of Narrative Therapy on complicated relationships when grief enters the picture. Her workshop teaches us how to navigate conversations between the living and the dead when the relationship was fraught, and when a person dies by their own hand or through ways that feel sudden and tragic.

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    Introducing the Dead to New People in Our Lives

    Photo of an old laughing woman amidst orange flowers

    My Grandmother is always with me. She is one of my best friends. Even though she died long before I was born, she has always been an important person in my life. My Grandmother loved the beauty of nature. I remember this every time I see a rainbow or a colorful sunset… My Grandmother is…

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