How Remembering Conversations Strengthen Family Ties – Part I

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This is part one of a three-part series on building Remembering Convsersastions with clients and therapists*. Click here to join Lorraine’s mailing list and read the entire article in PDF format. People often search for meaning to soothe the pain of grief. Some turn to religious doctrine or secular rituals, others towards counseling. Some may…

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Introducing Our Lost Loved Ones

Dr. Lorraine Hedtke’s short chapter Introducing the Deceased* looks at the beneficial reasons for introducing our lost loved ones to the people in our lives, a process that keeps the memories of deceased in our day-to-day lives, integrating their stories into our lives in new and helpful ways. Read selected edited passages from the chapter…

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A Better Way to Grieve Our Lost Loved Ones

In her moving chapter, From an individualist to a relational model of grief*, Dr. Lorraine Hedtke lays out a path from old and outdated models of grief psychology that no longer serve us as individuals to new and exciting communal ways to keep our relationships with our deceased loved ones alive, by encouraging those living…

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Introducing the Dead to New People in Our Lives

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My Grandmother is always with me. She is one of my best friends. Even though she died long before I was born, she has always been an important person in my life. My Grandmother loved the beauty of nature. I remember this every time I see a rainbow or a colorful sunset… My Grandmother is…

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Bridging the space between life and death

Photo of a bridge and its reflection over a calm river

Re-membered lives are moral documents and their function is salvific, inevitably implying, ‘All this has not been for nothing’. Barbara Myerhoff, 1982, p. 111 Stories we tell about ourselves and those held by others form a powerful polymer that gives life purpose. The stories form what we hold dear, how we take up causes, the…

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Weaving the Dead into Ongoing Stories of Life

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“It is true, I think, that they only seem to have gone, for that lovely store of golden years which you made together – years of life well lived, full of delightful interests shared and lovely pleasant things, is really as much with you with you now as say last month – last year –…

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