Lorraine offers trainings in a variety of contexts. Some take place over a three or five day period depending on the specific outline of the training program and some are for one or two days. People who have an interest in death, dying and grief, will establish trainings for hospital staff, educational settings, and privately working in counseling communities. Trainings happen all over the world to learn a narrative approach that supports innovative, life and love affirming conversations.

While training might focus on some different aspects to professional practice, there remains some similarities. Participants are introduced to narrative concepts and “re-membering practices”, which is a particular model of therapeutic conversation developed by Lorraine Hedtke. Participants come away with an ability to distinguish between conventional bereavement conversations and narratively informed conversations. These distinct pathways construct dramatically differing conversations with people who are dying and people who are grieving. At the foundation of intensive training is building a strong theoretical platform that propels forward the art of remembering questions which celebrates story, narrative and a relational approach to find ways through the most challenging of times. Narrative conversations about death and grief are less about the passive suffering of loss and more about growing invigorating identity stories amid the ongoing transitions that death brings. Participants in the training also often come away with a sense or liveliness and are provided with a new way to think about death and grief, professionally and personally.

Who Should Attend Training Sessions with Lorraine

Many people from varying professional backgrounds find benefit in training with Lorraine. As professionals need to be prepared to address issues of death and grief, the training can be supportive for counselors, psychologists, nurses, physicians, hospice and palliative care workers, funeral celebrants, social workers, ministers, students, and those interested in new ideas about death, dying and bereavement.

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Speaking Engagements

Lorraine constructs conversations around grief using innovative ideas that challenge prescriptive notions found in conventional grief psychology. She speaks to a variety of audiences and individuals at every stage of the grieving process.

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