Counselors need support and ideas to create effective conversations. This is particularly true when counselors are working with people who are dying and grieving. Supervision by Lorraine Hedtke provides a way to gently guide a counselor to incorporate innovative approaches addressing the complexities facing their own clients.

Supervision gives counselors the individual attention to incorporate and develop skills that they start to explore during the focused training at a pace that suits their practice. Once counselors return to their own practice setting the new knowledge and skills honed during the supervision sessions benefit both the counselor and his or her clients. Professionals besides counselors and psychologist also can find supervision to explore new ways to craft effective and loving conversations about death and grief. Many doctors, nurses, mediators, psychologists, social workers, and professors find supervision conversations helpful.

Supervision can be provided to clinicians all over the world quite easily through a variety of technological supports, in addition to e-mails, to provide tailored feedback to develop your skills and provide the support and guidance that you find helpful.

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