My Grandmother is Always with Me

Cover of the book 'My Grandmother is Always With Me'. A bright yellow heart on a blue background.

My Grandmother is Always With Me offers children a way to make sense out of death when a loved one dies. The story is told though the eyes of a young girl and her grandmother. Each colorfully illustrated page suggests another way in which the little girl benefits from keeping a storied legacy close to heart after her grandmother dies.

This book offers a different approach to death and grief than many of the other messages that children receive. When a loved one dies, their love for them does not die. Children, still love that person as they did before but they now need to use memories more deliberately to keep the love alive. My Grandmother is Always With Me suggests a way for children to make sense out of the changes in their lives and to incorporate the many memories of the person who has died into their own lives.

Along with the story and pictures geared for young readers, there is a grown-up guide. The guide offers suggestions to support adults as they lead the way for the younger ones